Mushrooms & Fine Foraged foods

To provide a taste of our gorgeous and constantly changing wholesale availability list, here is a sample list I sent out May 17, 2016.  We are constantly growing, foraging, and sourcing the highest quality and most eclectic goodies we can find.  Our availability list changes weekly, nay, daily!  So I thought this example seemed best to you can get a peek at the shenanigans we're up to year round up here on mushroom mountain!

For Wednesday, 5/17/16,

please get mushroom order in by 5. Pretty Please!

     Fresh foraged, east coast, west coast, and intl.:
-Great Conica morel! Coming in strong.
-fresh grade "A" porcini
-Nice, nutty, start of season European summer truffle!
-anise hyssop 
-mountain mint
-edible flower mix (feel free to ask current varieties)
-ramps (last of season for us)
-beautiful early season European chanterelle (happy to send photos)
     Our own cultivated varieties:
-Golden oyster
-Lions mane

     Other Cultivated:
-Brown beech
-Golden enoki
-blue foot

-Frozen huckleberry
-Frozen elderberry
-Frozen whole porcini

-Dried black trumpet
-Dried porcini 
-Dried maitake
-Dried shiitake 
-Dried morel
-Dried wood ear
If you're in need, we're always delighted to provide!
sincere thanks,
Matthew Sicher 
Primordia Mushroom Farm
Black truffle in picture shown.